English Literacy

I’m literacy this term we learned and read a lot and we also got to learn about the English root words too. For me, Since English is not my first language learning about how it comes to the words or learn to know what the root words mean is a real opportunity because then I can get to know this language even more. For us to know the vocabulary and its root words we would get two sheets of papers that have about ten vocabulary and some exercises about it and it is called Homework Pocket. We have one week to do the papers and after the deadline, we have to take a small test about the words that we just learned. In class, we learned by the timeline which is we learned by what is the time that the things happen and we started to read and discuss about it and most website that we usually read are Readworks, Newsela, and more. This term I feel like I know a lot of vocabulary words that any of the term and because of that it also helps me to speak and write about something including the vocabulary that I have learned. What I have learned this term will make me remember about it because it is one of my favorite terms since the first year.


For this round in stem essential, I had learned a lot of things that I never knew before. The most things that we talked a lot in class is about physical science and we also learned about atom which there are a lot of things in the atom that I never know before and from this lesson I got to know many facts and new thing too. Atom is inside of everything around you and I think that I have learned about it so that a great thing to learn because of it everywhere and you have to know about it. It is not that really hard to learn in STEM class, but it is just that I have to take most of my time doing extra work by myself in this class when I am free because STEM can be easy if you understand and read and practice more with them. Everything right now is using STEN in order for us to change Cambodia we have to learn all of this basic first so we can get to the bigger step in the future.

Adobe Software


In multimedia, everything is new to me and this is the first time that we have this essential. We have learned a lot and it is like the computer science. For the first week we have learned about Adobe which is the Photoshop, Lightroom, and Indesign because I never used them before it is my first time using them and of course first time is the hardest, but now I feel used to it and I hope I have another thing that I can do with it more and become good at it.

The different thing in the first week of class was that our teacher which is Cindy picked the students who are know how to use all of those programs and then they have to teach us in class just like the teacher and Cindy will add some information when they teach us about it too. Get to know about the programs is really good because I think that a lot of time in Liger we would need to use it a lot and like the books too we have to use all of those to create books. All of this time after learning about them I feel like it is a good subject to learn about too, and I wish to have some kind of this subject more in the class.



For math essential, I have learned about the fraction and most the lesson I had to learn before and for me, I think that this is a review because we just started the year and maybe this one is the make our brain started to get used to it again since we were on a long holiday.

For some fun fact about me math is on my favorite subject at all for the first time and Do you know why? It is just because I am not really good at it. I like things that I passionate at and math is not one of those. When my classmate is work on it I have to practice more than them twice so then I can up them. I learned more and more I started to like math and now here I am a Lover of math and I hope we got into it and learn something new very soon. Math is hard, but if you try it you would love it as I do.

No Plastic


These following weeks I am in the project or what we called an exploration and it is called NO Plastic. People in the world are facing this problem too so which mean it is a really big problem to our world and planet, and because it is a big problem we only focus on our school also with only the single used plastic. The single-use plastic means that the plastic that people only use one time and threw it away and here are some examples of single-use plastic: Plastic bags, Plastic cups, Straw etc. Even though it looks like it is just a single plastic it would be easy for people to stop using them ,but the single used plastic is the most common and easiest thing to use so everyone would be so hard if there no more single-use plastic like the snack wrap and it so hard to make people get used to the new habit of not using single-use plastic. By many reasons that I just mentioned before right now we are only focused on straw because we feel like it is just a small part of the plastic, but it is a huge problem. We have been discussing in class and find a new solution of what can we replace with the plastic straw and finally, we started to try to use the metal straw. After talking about the plastic straw we started to think about the plastic bags. It is also like plastic straw because of it too simple that people never think that it is a big problem anymore and we think that we have another way to stop our students from using the plastic straw and the plastic bags and we decided to give each of our student one metal straw and one fabric bag. Now we are hoping that people will understand that the simple thing of plastic is the hardest thing for them to stop using it. This is a statement by Denis Waitley” The truth is, you don’t break a bad habit; you replace it with a good one”.

Khmer literacy


This term in Khmer class we focus on writing Khmer poem because we wanted to create a poem book of our cohort which is junior Khmer poem book. I have been trying to create some poem with my classmate and sometimes we learned how to interview people, telling news, writing news, and writing stories. And we hope to have our book print by this year.

And this is one of my poems.

                                                      ធម្មជាតិយេីង        (ភុជង្គលីលា)


​​​នេះបទកំណត់តែងជា​                   ភុជង្គលីលា                       ស្តីពីធម្មជាតិ។

រស់នៅសុខមានរបៀប                  តែចិត្តចង្អៀត                  ដូចជាយក្សា។

មេីលទៅអេីយព្រៃព្រឹក្សា                ធ្លាប់តែអស្ចារ្យ                 ពេលនេះជាអ្វី។

មេីលទៅធ្លាប់សុទ្ធតែព្រៃ ​​                បៃតងខៀវខ្ជី                  ឥឡូវដីរាប។

កន្លែងធ្លាប់ស្រស់បំព្រង                ដែលគ្រប់គ្នាប៉ង់​              ឥឡូវឃេីញតែផ្សែង។

អង្គុយនឺកស្តាយក្រៃលៃង              នឺកឃេីញខ្លួនឯង            ដែលបានធ្វេីខុស។

គិតថាប្រាក់ជាគ្រប់យ៉ាង់              នឺកឃេីញតែម្យ៉ាង             ទោះត្រូវកំទិច។

ឥឡូវនឹកស្តាយមិនភ្លេច​              ចិត្តចាំជានិច្ជ                        រឿងដែលខុសឆ្គង។

គាប់ព្រៃគ្មានគិតអ្វីឡេីយ            ពេលនេះស្តាយក្រោយ          ឳរូប​ខ្ញុំអេីយ។

បានប្រាក់ក៏គ្មានន័យឡេីយ        គ្មានក្តីសុខឡេិយ                  ព្រោះរឿងធម្មជាតិ។

គ្មានភ្លៀងគ្មានស្បៀងតទៀត    សូម្បីមិត្តញាតិ                       ក៏មិនមេត្តា។

មានប្រាក់តែមានបញ្ហារ               គ្មានន័យសោះណា​                ប្រាក់គ្មាន់តម្លៃ។

ពេលនេះទោះចង់ធ្វេីអ្វី                   រឿងផុតសេចក្ដី                    បកក្រោយមិនបាន។

បានត្រឺមអង្គុយកេីតទុក្ខ               កូនចៅញាតិមិត្ត                ក៏បន្តោសថែម។

ពេលនេះនឺកស្តាយក្រៃលែង          សន្យាខ្លួនឯង                       ថាខ្ញុំនិងឈប់។

ចាប់ពីថ្ងៃនេះតទៅ                         ខ្ញុំដេីរសំដៅ                             កសាងធម្មជាតិ។

ប្រាប់កូនកុំបំផ្លាញ់ទៀត               ព្រោះព្រៃជាញាតិ                   យេីងត្រូវរក្សារ។