In math class, We learned about fraction. Now we finished with the fraction then we are focusing on geometry. We learned a lot about the triangle and How to find the area and perimeter. We learned about measurement, different units example: Mr.Jungkook bought 5 yards of cloth. He used the cloth to make 12 BTS logos of the same size. How much cloth did he use for each logo? (give the answer in feet) . This is one of example that we have learned in class they give us in yards and we have to find it in feet.

This is the book that we learned.

This is the measurement and different units.




This term we have learned about environmental justice and we been discussed about it a lot in class, form the discussion we have learned a lot also new words. We also learned about Agree or Disagree and Introduction to Argument with Evidence we had done a debate, but it is not a real debate because we also learned and discuss. This term in class I think I improve a lot on discussion with evidence and also researching too. We have been doing the Thesis statement which I think it is an areally important lesson and that I should remember it because I will use it a lot. Essay writing is what I need to improve on and now we are talking about it right now. Writing an Argumentative Essay topic that we research and working on. My main argumentative is about global warming and it is also it one of the SDG goals the number 13. We have to find that is the source is primary source or secondary source.




This term in multimedia we learned about the camera. we learned about camera tips and more about it. We have been doing some of the group photo taking around our campus too. The cameras have a lot of special things we learned about ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, Exposure, Camera shot types.  This is one of the photos that we took

The not only about camera, but we also learned about Pixar pitch story writing instruction and Digital storytelling too. Pixar pitch story writing instruction is how to start and goes through your story. We all made up a story or write a story about our own life using the Pixar Story Structure.


In Khmer class, we read a book called”កុលាបប៉ៃលិន”.This book is really famous in Cambodia, there is a lot of teaching things in the story. We also finish our poem and prepare to put in the Junior Khmer Poem book that we plan to create too.

The other special lesson to me was when we learned about Khmer Water Festival(បុណ្យអុំទូក) and one of the Khmer calibration which in Khmer is called “បុណ្យកថិន”. Water festival is happening long ago since King seven-period which is Angkor period and there is even the picture of the water festival on Angkor Wat temple. We celebrate the water festival because we want to remember of when our army in the period of king seven they fight the enemies on the Boeung Tonle Sap which is the biggest lake in Cambodia and we win which the army ride on the boat back and that when we started to have our water festival.  In Khmer, we called Water festival is Bon Om Touk. This year Bon Om Touk is happening on Wednesday, November 21 until Friday, November 23. Also Cambodia this year we have a long boat which is also in the Cambodia genius world record. It is 80 m long. Which we will see it on the water festival day soon.

Credit: Sabay News 



  We have learned a lot of new things in stem especially, we learned about the periodic table and  Chemical Bonding. In class, we also did experiment too. Chemical bonding is a lot to understand. Ionic bonds, covalent bonds metallic bonds these are the things that we learned.  Those bonding if I haven’t learned I will never know that it can affect that much. Element share electrons in condition to be stable. Ionic bonding is when element gives away the electron to another element. Covalent bonding is when element share electrons together.  

 This is called the periodic table.

This is the covalent bonding.

And this is called the Ionic bonding.

Precious Plastic Machine

For me, this round exploration is really interesting and it is called the Precious Plastic Machine. In this exploration we have been focusing on making recycle machine however, we have changed our ideas time to time. The ideas that we got from now is when we went on a trip to Siem Reap province and like everyone knows Siem reap is one of the most famous provinces in Cambodia which why a lot of people are also focused on the plastic problem just like we all did.

We went to Naga Earth, and their mission is to protect the environment and to improve public health. We went there we saw the recycled plastic machine which our goals are to create them, but they are very dangerous. We have learned to recycled paper. It is a very interesting way to recycle paper without using any machine and it is really easy that we can recycle it anytime it is not dangerous.

After that, we went to a place called Rehash trash. It is a place where they Turn trash into treasure with fun recycling workshops, they make bracelets or keychain from plastic bags and they also help women because this workshop is the women workshop working, not only help our environment but also help women this is the best workshop I ever saw. We have learned how to make bracelets and a lot more from plastic, then we realized that machine is not everything we can recycle plastic. It is an easy way and it is not dangerous also easy.