Vietnam is our neighbor country. We are friends a long time ago but I am as a Cambodian I didn’t know much about their history, which makes me feel like there is something that is missing and needed to be known. Thanks to Literacy class this round we were focusing on the Vietnam war and which lead to a book called “Inside out and back again”. The novel is writing by Thanhha Lai who is a Vietnam-born American writer of children’s literature. The books are written as a chapter of poems more than a book chapter of the paragraph. Our main focus is on the Vietnam war, but throughout the learning process, we got to learned many other things and got to improve our skills too. We got to read articles, and looking through some pictures and having a small exhibition of pictures along with captions that were taken during the war. At first I didn’t know anything at all about the Vietnam war,but after I read some I can understand more about and I can make an inference that I have made after reading and learn about Vietnam war is that it was a 20 years long war so there are millions of people who died in the war and not only just because they got shot or fighting, but some people even kill themselves because they just don’t want to live their life in that war. One inference that I have made after reading and learn about Vietnam war is that it was a 20 years long war so there are millions of people who died in the war and not only just because they got shot or fighting,but some people even kill themselves because they just don’t want to live their life in that war. Being in the war made people feel like it is not where they should belong and it wasn’t their home, it wasn’t the place that they used to know. The war did not only made people feel pain physically, but they got the pain in their feeling and metal pain that can’t be cured and will be their forever as their scars. We got to know the feeling of those people and understand more about them from the book more than the article was reading because the book was focusing on a specific perspective of a character named Kim Ha who was just 10 years old during the war. The characters in the books told us a lot about their feeling and we can see deep more to their emotion without them telling it. Another interesting thing about the book was that not only it tells us about the war, but it was also telling us about the setting and how things happen one by one. The book was one way that tells us about the war and the people’s life’s changes. We got to learn about the war and also we got to improve about reading skills, it was more than just reading and understanding, there was something we have to do to get to know the characters and people’s emotions better and it is the tone. We can understand more about the emotion of the characters by the tone that they are using and the words that the author was using to describe things and feelings. Only reading one was not enough we have to compare and contrast the information that we got, so we were reading a lot of articles and compare the information and the feeling that the articles were giving to the readers. We have done a lot of group discussion because it helps us to understand one of another opinions and ideas and because of the group discussion, it makes me feel more confident about my overall knowledge and understanding of the war. The team giving more ideas and opinion which sometimes lead to something we never think of but are connected. Discussion is always needed when we are learning about something. We have to take a lot of notes because the group discussion was like having a debate or trying to persuade people so they believe in your opinion or idea and agree with you and to do that I have to have clear and specific evidence. In this round not only it teaches me about the war and improving my skills, and there is something I can take away from this which is teamwork and the confidence to speak up about my ideas and to bring my voice to the group discussion or the class. This is another progress for me in literacy and I hope to improve and make more progress in the future.



         Independace work is something I really like to do because I wanted to learn to manage my own time and in Literacy, this term is independent work that related to Literacy. First it was complicated for me because I get confused a lot and there are many things that I have adapted to yet, however after a few days I feel like I started to got it and started to manage my own time perfectly even something I might have short time to do something,but I did finish them on time and started to work on something else that I have put in the schedule.

For me, in my schedule, there is mostly the other work from the other classes that related to literacy, but most of the time when I don’t have any other work from the other classes reading is on the top list of my schedule. I like reading it’s keeping me accompany and entertaining me it makes me understand more about the life lesson and also I can improve my reading skills and that including my vocabulary too. I don’t like reading it slowly if I read a book I would finish it really quick it ‘s not that I just want to end it, but I like to spend my time on them I don’t like to spend my time reading a few pages a day it just makes me feel annoyed because sometimes I don’t understand, but if I read a lot I can understand the meaning of the books better. I would say I like fiction than nonfiction it just I enjoy fiction a lot. I am a person who likes fantasy, mysterious types of book, it makes me interested in books and the books are more attractive to me when it is those types. There are also hard times for me because I only read fiction, however sometimes I have to explore something new so I choose to read nonfiction sometimes like famous people biography, however since this is the independence work when I read I choose to read something I enjoy so I don’t get tired or bored and that is reading fiction novel especially the one with Vampires are favorite.

Reading with imaginary is something everyone does even me when I read I can see the action in my head,however there are times I have to put my book down and try to see the scenarios the author trying to explain and that when I know I can read books that are crate in to movie because after I read I can watch the movie and understand about it better and one of the books that I have read are The maze runner, cinder, blood promise, etc. All of those books are all nice and good, one of my top favorite books is Cinder. In that book, there are many mysterious things if you are someone who likes reading mystery and fantasy like me this is my recommendation for you.

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This term is one of the most inspirational lessons I ever learned from literacy. We learned about happiness. What bring you happiness? Do think money can buy happiness?  
From this lesson, I think we are not only using it just for class, but we will need to use it forever in our lifetime because it is what we ‘re all life need it is HAPPINESS. This is the poem that I have created to make myself knows about what life means to me” Life is like a song, it can be hurtful or happy depending on the lyrics that we wrote, it is not always easy there is high note that we have to get through. Sometimes we get used to the lyrics, but if we change it a little bit it can mean other things so write it sing it and make it as your own”. By waiting for this poem I want to remind myself that there are things that we need to be changed and nothing will stay the same forever even myself. Everyone have to get old and die someday it just that we can’t predict and knows when so we all should enjoy our lifetimes make most of our times to be a happy memories and also make your life as your own life, not other people, make it as what you want it to be because it is who you are. The words Happiness means the state of being happy, but do you know how could you find happiness? Most people don’t know how could they find their happiness, and I want to tell that not only them but so everyone else. Do you think every moment of your life is happy yet? Then if you haven’t known yet then this what I have learned and this is where  I can share to you.

Like I asked before do you think money can buy happiness? Every answer is not right or wrong there are reasons behind those and there are different opinion and different person. Most of the times when I ask people about it the answer would be “money can’t buy happiness,but it is a part of it” well I can’t tell you what is right or wrong it is you the one who has to think and pick the answer yourself and there is no one could answer it beside you and also just believe in yourself there is no one better. When we learned about can money buy happiness we had read this article called”You can Buy Happiness if it’s an Experience and it is also one of my most favorite article I ever read because it makes me think even deeper than I was ever before? After reading the article here is what the I think the article is referred: ”I think that this article is telling people that you can use your money the ways you want to, but there is the difference between used your money to try something and buy something news. From the article, its main idea is that trying new things and having new experiments make you happier than buying new things. They are both using money but in the different ways of spending it”.  We have read many articles about happiness and the other one is called Truth”. Truth is a poem and it trying to tell the reader that the thing that going to happen can be good and bad, but be positive and go with your chose for the day.  The last article that I am going to talk about is called”From Blossoms” It is also like a poem, but with deep meaning where you can’t just it read it once and understand because it takes me more than twice just to understand a line.  From Blossom is talking about there is no one knows what will happen in the future, but we all can make every moment turn to happy. Do something that leads yourself to happiness because you’ll never when will you die, but make yourself happy every moment of your life because that is what life is like.

The moment you started to know that every moment of life is special and that is the moment where happiness can define. You don’t have to go and look out for happiness because happiness is not a thing that you have to find it is with you all the times you just have to know how to be happy. A quote from Tom Wilson once states” A smile is a happiness you’ll find right under your nose” this is one of the happiness that is closest to you. Find yourself happiness because life is special and meaningful because of it and also remember there is nothing as special and important as love, especially the love that you gives to yourself. Be who you are and find your own happiness. 


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This literacy round is one of my unbelievable terms, This round we learned about the essay which one of us have to write an essay and we can choose our own topic on what we want to about. Writing an Essay is not easy, it takes time and as I learned about it I started to feel like writing is one of my weakness so I started to focusing more on writing than anything that time. I remember seeing myself always checking back and forth trying to find my own mistakes in the paragraph. We have about two to three weeks to finish our essays. Nowadays as I see everywhere around the world started to face this problem which is climate changes.

Do you think climate changes by natural or human activities?

This questions I wanted to know more than anything so I chose about this topic to be my essay. My essay is not perfect, but at least I’ll try to correct my mistakes again and again and I know nothing is perfect and there is always mistakes nobody is perfect so I want you to enjoy reading them.



Hannah Trivitt

14 December 2018

Global warming

Global warming refers to the rise in surface temperature of the earth due to the greenhouse effect created by greenhouse gases. Global warming is a big environmental and social issue all over the world which everyone must know especially our kids and children as they are the future.

The temperature started to become hotter, sea level starting to raising. Does anyone had ever wonder why? well, most people like to think of the solution before they even think of the effect especially the small parts that can become a bigger problem. Before planning the solutions of global warming, we must think about the causes and effects of it first. Even though it is natural for the climate to change, human activities play a part in the causes of climate change. Two ways that this is done is the cutting down of trees which increases temperatures and all contributing factors of pollution.

Some people say climate change over time it is the natural occurrence, but according to an article on the NASA website, “A Blanket Around the Earth”, it talks about the causes and effects of climate change: “On Earth, human activities are changing the natural greenhouse” (NASA). This evidence is relevant to my statement because they said that humans are also a part of climate change. Moreover, it mentions that “Over the last century, the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil has increased the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2)” (NASA). By all of the theses above statement, they both have the human activity that leads to the bigger climate change problems. Have you ever think of the building the apartments the houses and places where you stand before used to be a thick forest? Have you ever notice your town, your country started to have more building. People cutting down trees to build those.The bigger the place is, the more trees that had been cutting down. Human cutting down those, and who will do they plant those trees back? Trees are the most useful source that we can use it to make many things such as paper, houses and more by cutting down those trees we will have more space for planting crops, building and what we want, however, without trees, cutting down trees are just like living without breathing. The Royal Parks is a website mentioned that “Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen. What does that mean? Well, this means tree observe all of the harmful chemical and release oxygen back. They also said that”One large tree can supply a day’s supply of oxygen for four people”.

The question is Where are those chemicals come from? Those chemicals are from human activities. The human creates those chemicals by burning plastic, burning wood, cutting down trees, burning fossil fuels, smoke release by vehicles, smoke release from the factory and more from the same website. If there no more trees to observe those chemicals what will happen? There are a lot of things will happen. For the human, there is a high percentage of getting Cancer and skin diseases. This is why the trees are so important in our life. Protect the trees just like we protecting ourselves from Danger. Now, do you think that human activities play a part in the causes of climate change?

Do you know that you already play a small part in human activities that can cause climate change? Have you ever ride a car or a bus, a motorbike, a train before? Well if you do that means you are also a small part of human activity that can cause climate change. After knowing this information I hope you are patient of what around you. James Edward Hansen is an American adjunct professor directing the Program on Climate Science said that”Global warming isn’t a prediction, it is happening.”If you want to protect our planet think of everything around you. You can save it at the same time you also can destroy it. Choose your own choice because everything is in your hands.

(Credit: NASA Global Climate Change)

After we finish writing our essays, we are now focusing on reading skill which we have four groups and four different books and they are:

Looking for Alaska Novel by John Green

Wonder Novel by R. J. Palacio

Monster Novel by Walter Dean Myers

The Outsiders Novel by S. E. Hinton

All of these books are the books that we read, and we can use by ourselves. For me, I used Finding Alaska and with our team, we have to meet and discuss once a week. Reading is a really fun topic because I love reading. I feel like it is more relax and learn at the same time. Not only we are focusing on reading, but we also focus on the ability, the skill of reading, the vocals. We started to read for about 1 week already, and it went very well because we like to discuss in the team and whenever we are free we always go to read together, this also makes us have more teamwork skill and also to build up our talking, discussion skill at the same time.


This term we have learned about environmental justice and we been discussed about it a lot in class, form the discussion we have learned a lot also new words. We also learned about Agree or Disagree and Introduction to Argument with Evidence we had done a debate, but it is not a real debate because we also learned and discuss. This term in class I think I improve a lot on discussion with evidence and also researching too. We have been doing the Thesis statement which I think it is an areally important lesson and that I should remember it because I will use it a lot. Essay writing is what I need to improve on and now we are talking about it right now. Writing an Argumentative Essay topic that we research and working on. My main argumentative is about global warming and it is also it one of the SDG goals the number 13. We have to find that is the source is primary source or secondary source.



English Literacy

I’m literacy this term we learned and read a lot and we also got to learn about the English root words too. For me, Since English is not my first language learning about how it comes to the words or learn to know what the root words mean is a real opportunity because then I can get to know this language even more. For us to know the vocabulary and its root words we would get two sheets of papers that have about ten vocabulary and some exercises about it and it is called Homework Pocket. We have one week to do the papers and after the deadline, we have to take a small test about the words that we just learned. In class, we learned by the timeline which is we learned by what is the time that the things happen and we started to read and discuss about it and most website that we usually read are Readworks, Newsela, and more. This term I feel like I know a lot of vocabulary words that any of the term and because of that it also helps me to speak and write about something including the vocabulary that I have learned. What I have learned this term will make me remember about it because it is one of my favorite terms since the first year.