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         Multimedia is not something I’m good at and it is not something I wanted to do, however, I started to like it after I try to do more of it. For me, I mostly try something that I am not good and something I don’t feel comfortable with because it makes me feel like I can improve myself with those hard times and of course, one of those is multimedia. Sometimes I ask myself if I could it do better how would I do it and that is when I realize that every subject are your favorite if you understand the concept and the point of it ,so I am trying my best to focus in class and follow my own heart to do something I am interested in. Since this is an independence work I choose to make a video and also try coding club(python).

       Create or making videos is one of my favorite things. I have made a video before, however, I haven’t make a picture slideshow video yet and that is what I try to do. I made a video that is just like a picture slide show because I feel like most people think that action describes things easily than pictures, people enjoy looking at the videos that have the action in them because of those action show emotion and what is it about better than pictures, but for me, I wanted to try to make a video that is like a pictures slideshow because most of us know that pictures can’t describe everything at once, however a lot of pictures together it will make a scenario that makes other people understand the emotion inside of the photos.

    A girl that is smiling in the photo doesn’t use a fake smile because the smile is real from her own heart and her own self and it is perfect for people to see the emotion in it. Some people think that the smile in the pictures are just fake but remember this “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. The photo might just stay there silents, no action, but sometimes when you just looking at the photos you might remember something and know about the situation. The pictures are just like the memory card, to me the more photos you took or taken the more memory you have at those times.

   Trying something that you never have done before is not easy there are some challenges that you have to face and I did. well, most of the time I feel myself doing weird things, but lucky enough I know it and I did my best to focus on my work again and I did finish the video.

     After finishing the making the video, I feel like I have something else to review from the past lessons so I try to think of something I haven’t done a while and that is Coding. Coding is not my passion, however, I wanted to be good at it and this is the perfect time for me to review from the code club which is a website. You can also try to code too with code club you can learn python and it is more like coding activities.

Here is the website.

     I really enjoy those times when I did it because it makes me understand more about who I am and what are the challenges for me and what I should work and improve on. I would recommend everyone to try the challenges on the website because it is fun and also you can learn something from it too. I like this kind of independence work a lot because it can make me manage my own times and manage my task, but I did make a mistake, but I also did learn a lot from it and now I won’t stay out of my task again.

   Here is a short project I did in code club, it was short because I just started and I am focusing more on making the video and the code club is just something I did after finish my video.



In this term, we learned many things such as function, list, and recently we learned about dictionaries in programming. In the dictionary code, we have two important things which are keys and values.


 “brand”: “Ford”,

 “model”: “Mustang”,

 “year”: 1964

Keys: “brand”, “model”, “year”

Values: “Ford”, “Mustang”, 1964

And here is an assignment in this term:

Technology/Multimedia Assignment – Round 4/Week 6

Due Monday April 1st, 2019 @ 8pm

Your name: Rachana

Code Club project name: Colorful Creation



  • Why did you choose the project? What interested you? What skill or topics did you want to work on?


I chose to work on the project is because I really like the title it said creation and I feel like I am going to create something by my own and I know it going to be something new. I think I will learn a lot from this project. I want to work on it because I want to create something from coding, it just makes me feel like I understand and can do it.

  1. Describe one coding challenge you had during this project. Please copy the code here to explain the problem.

I am stuck on the code where they challenge want us to do something and I got no idea where to start the code.


  1. What strategies did you try to solve the problem?

I didn’t think of it straight away,but I keep thinking of it when I am alone or when I concentrate enough,one funny thing about it is that I actually understand it when I was in the bathroom because I was washing my hands and I keep thinking of it and the idea just came up to my mind.

  1. Did your strategies work? Why or why not?

It is working, but I also need to change something a little bit, but that where it started because it is from draft to the real one.

  1. Did you do any extra work or challenge to go beyond what was required from the project?


  1. Write down one thing you learned from working on this project. This can be about Python, programming, computers, yourself, etc.

I have learned about myself that I got the code and programming faster when it is my favorite things and it is like some code that reacted about what I like. An example of it is the colorful creation because I can write anything I want and like. It just like I like something that is my choice.

And here is the link to my challenge that I did:         

Also here are some challenges that we learned in class and you can challenge yourself to do it too! Projects to choose from:

Turtle Race!:

Secret Messages:

Colorful Creations:


Where is the Space Station?:

*if you want the other project, select another from this list or choose your own at




Coding is not my passion and this round we learned about coding which Python. The code is a language that we have to speak correctly to make the program understand. I feel like it is a baby i have to speak its languages and have to be corrected, but sometimes it also the hardest parts of this round. We learned for a week and we’ll have the homework. We have learned many new things that some of us never know or heard of it before like me, I never saw something like this before. We learned about Python Conditionals and If Statements like Booleans Comparisons Indentation If statement Elif statement Else statement And, Or, Not, python for loops, while loops, infinite while loop etc.

Example: Write a program that prints “Hello World” 5 times USING A WHILE LOOP:


while i<5:                     

   print”Hello World”



Hello World  Hello World Hello World Hello World.Hello World

I think this is one of the most important parts of learning python because we can use it more than we think and for some reasons it is simple, but not the code.



This term in multimedia we learned about the camera. we learned about camera tips and more about it. We have been doing some of the group photo taking around our campus too. The cameras have a lot of special things we learned about ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, Exposure, Camera shot types.  This is one of the photos that we took

The not only about camera, but we also learned about Pixar pitch story writing instruction and Digital storytelling too. Pixar pitch story writing instruction is how to start and goes through your story. We all made up a story or write a story about our own life using the Pixar Story Structure.

Adobe Software


In multimedia, everything is new to me and this is the first time that we have this essential. We have learned a lot and it is like the computer science. For the first week we have learned about Adobe which is the Photoshop, Lightroom, and Indesign because I never used them before it is my first time using them and of course first time is the hardest, but now I feel used to it and I hope I have another thing that I can do with it more and become good at it.

The different thing in the first week of class was that our teacher which is Cindy picked the students who are know how to use all of those programs and then they have to teach us in class just like the teacher and Cindy will add some information when they teach us about it too. Get to know about the programs is really good because I think that a lot of time in Liger we would need to use it a lot and like the books too we have to use all of those to create books. All of this time after learning about them I feel like it is a good subject to learn about too, and I wish to have some kind of this subject more in the class.