The last term made me feel like I have learned so much and I have to review many things that I have learned this year such as fraction, prealgebra, Triangle and more. This term is a bit more confusing to me, not that I didn’t get it, but because we got to learn a lot different than the last terms. There are many news lessons I just got to learn, and of course I am not that confident and comfortable about it yet,but hopefully I will after the small test we take because all of us are going to try and take what we understand all in this test so that the teacher know what level we are and what to improve too. This is the last term of the year I just want to take a moment to look at myself of how I am doing this year compared to last year. It was a huge different for me ,last years I just like I was just born so everything was just like confusing and news,but started this year I feel like I have gotten into more of math and started to understand it more and more and how helpful it is to our  everyday life and also our brain system. It is not just something you can learn and forget because you will use it a lot in life and it is one of the most important lessons in school. Math is hard for me and I think it is for most of us too. It is not just learning,but it is about practicing and there are some math things that we won’t even use in real life, but we learn it because it is important for us to learn most of it even we rarely used it in real life, but if someday we need to it is easy for us.

One of my tough lesson in math class that I feel like I haven’t comfortable with is Fraction. It is one of my least favorite things because  I am not comfortable with it, but I believe that when I understand and comfortable with it I will definitely like it. I don’t know if there anyone feels or happen the same as me because whenever I learned fraction I got it, but after a while when we have a new lesson I would forget it easily and I think I have to work on review the lesson a lot. I always wonder why I used to not like math and now I know one main   is that because I didn’t get the concept of it I didn;t understand it and I am being quite in class I rarely ask questions and I would always just listening to the teacher, but the way it is was not what I wanted myself to me . Now I am a whole new different person. I can feel started to like math and also asking questions when I don’t get it and also not only asking, but also helping my friends out too. This year is one of my year that I can call as “success” and I hope I can keep up the good work and also improve what I need to next year.



         Independace work is something I really like to do because I wanted to learn to manage my own time and in Literacy, this term is independent work that related to Literacy. First it was complicated for me because I get confused a lot and there are many things that I have adapted to yet, however after a few days I feel like I started to got it and started to manage my own time perfectly even something I might have short time to do something,but I did finish them on time and started to work on something else that I have put in the schedule.

For me, in my schedule, there is mostly the other work from the other classes that related to literacy, but most of the time when I don’t have any other work from the other classes reading is on the top list of my schedule. I like reading it’s keeping me accompany and entertaining me it makes me understand more about the life lesson and also I can improve my reading skills and that including my vocabulary too. I don’t like reading it slowly if I read a book I would finish it really quick it ‘s not that I just want to end it, but I like to spend my time on them I don’t like to spend my time reading a few pages a day it just makes me feel annoyed because sometimes I don’t understand, but if I read a lot I can understand the meaning of the books better. I would say I like fiction than nonfiction it just I enjoy fiction a lot. I am a person who likes fantasy, mysterious types of book, it makes me interested in books and the books are more attractive to me when it is those types. There are also hard times for me because I only read fiction, however sometimes I have to explore something new so I choose to read nonfiction sometimes like famous people biography, however since this is the independence work when I read I choose to read something I enjoy so I don’t get tired or bored and that is reading fiction novel especially the one with Vampires are favorite.

Reading with imaginary is something everyone does even me when I read I can see the action in my head,however there are times I have to put my book down and try to see the scenarios the author trying to explain and that when I know I can read books that are crate in to movie because after I read I can watch the movie and understand about it better and one of the books that I have read are The maze runner, cinder, blood promise, etc. All of those books are all nice and good, one of my top favorite books is Cinder. In that book, there are many mysterious things if you are someone who likes reading mystery and fantasy like me this is my recommendation for you.

(credit: internet)



         Multimedia is not something I’m good at and it is not something I wanted to do, however, I started to like it after I try to do more of it. For me, I mostly try something that I am not good and something I don’t feel comfortable with because it makes me feel like I can improve myself with those hard times and of course, one of those is multimedia. Sometimes I ask myself if I could it do better how would I do it and that is when I realize that every subject are your favorite if you understand the concept and the point of it ,so I am trying my best to focus in class and follow my own heart to do something I am interested in. Since this is an independence work I choose to make a video and also try coding club(python).

       Create or making videos is one of my favorite things. I have made a video before, however, I haven’t make a picture slideshow video yet and that is what I try to do. I made a video that is just like a picture slide show because I feel like most people think that action describes things easily than pictures, people enjoy looking at the videos that have the action in them because of those action show emotion and what is it about better than pictures, but for me, I wanted to try to make a video that is like a pictures slideshow because most of us know that pictures can’t describe everything at once, however a lot of pictures together it will make a scenario that makes other people understand the emotion inside of the photos.

    A girl that is smiling in the photo doesn’t use a fake smile because the smile is real from her own heart and her own self and it is perfect for people to see the emotion in it. Some people think that the smile in the pictures are just fake but remember this “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. The photo might just stay there silents, no action, but sometimes when you just looking at the photos you might remember something and know about the situation. The pictures are just like the memory card, to me the more photos you took or taken the more memory you have at those times.

   Trying something that you never have done before is not easy there are some challenges that you have to face and I did. well, most of the time I feel myself doing weird things, but lucky enough I know it and I did my best to focus on my work again and I did finish the video.

     After finishing the making the video, I feel like I have something else to review from the past lessons so I try to think of something I haven’t done a while and that is Coding. Coding is not my passion, however, I wanted to be good at it and this is the perfect time for me to review from the code club which is a website. You can also try to code too with code club you can learn python and it is more like coding activities.

Here is the website.

     I really enjoy those times when I did it because it makes me understand more about who I am and what are the challenges for me and what I should work and improve on. I would recommend everyone to try the challenges on the website because it is fun and also you can learn something from it too. I like this kind of independence work a lot because it can make me manage my own times and manage my task, but I did make a mistake, but I also did learn a lot from it and now I won’t stay out of my task again.

   Here is a short project I did in code club, it was short because I just started and I am focusing more on making the video and the code club is just something I did after finish my video.


How I change Cambodia

How I change Cambodia

Changing is not something that is easy, it needs to be stepped by steps drop by drop small to big and of course the small steps make up the bigger picture. Some people think that changing a country is a hard mission and some believe they can’t do it, but isn’t that called giving up? well, some are determined to change even a small step, but the small steps of those people will make a bigger picture in the future and making changes.

Changing is a challenge that everyone should take in their life. Once you did it you will understand the meaning of Change even more. Before everything started I have no idea what I am going to do to change my country, but after this years and I have looked back to what I’ve done and what I have gone through that is that time I realize that I did change something. The first things that I have noticed this year the most is I have changed myself. Myself the person whom I know more than anyone, the person I always am also have changed, my perspective on things and idea to the world, how I behave toward others and to my everyone in the country whom I called Family. Before I can be changed anything I have to change myself to be a better one too.

I have changed in some of the areas of my life and I don’t feel like the old was bad, it just that I need to change something about me to make myself be better and to make myself improve on what I should be. “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we ain’t really living.” This is an excellent quote by Gail Sheehy it is just the way life should be Changes are the best way to make yourself better. I used to be the one who doesn’t like to speak a lot in class because I just don’t feel so right when I am talking, it just makes me uncomfortable, but thanks to those hard times it makes me challenge myself to speak more in class and to involve more too. Those times don’t come by easily I have to go through a lot I  have to be the one who I never be and I have to do with something I have never wanted to do, but at last it makes me become the person I wanted to be and it does change me to be who I am today . It makes me understand about myself more and I began to understand that I do like discussing and speak in class, but it just that I haven’t get out of my comfort zone to explore the actual self of who am I yet. Passionate overflow the hidden me, I have never thought I could just go and talk to random people whom I never knew before and question them about their life story, but I did and I love it. Talking to people asking them some questions in a friendly manner is what I love to do right now. Communication with people is now is passion i can’t stay still if I saw random people in front of me sometimes because the inside of me just wanted to talk to them and get to them and all of these make people know me as the friendly one all of this passion coming because of an exploration I have this year called Humans of Cambodia(HOC).

HOC is an exploration I have and I love it so much and I don’t want it to end, still it did, however, everything I had to learn and receive is still remaining in my head and is forever going to be the memory of this girl. It just makes me feel like everyone in this country is a family and showing people that one is caring for another. In HOC we have to interview people trying to get their life story and Of course, those stories are from the Cambodian people(Khmer), why should we do so? Well, the reasons are because everyone has a different life story, the hurtful, happy moment those are everything people have the experience, but not everyone has experience in the same situation as those people.

There are many things we all should learn about because sometimes in life you will meet those times or might saw someone get into those times then you can understand that life is not all about perfect it is about what you will meet in life. There are many times that people judging others by their appearance which is mostly known as Judging books by their cover, Don’t judge the books by their cover just like human don’t judge them if you don’t know their story because not everyone has the same story and nobody knows anyone better than their own selves. HOC has taught me a lot and change myself and also my country that everyone is special everyone is important and everyone is a part and the beauty of this country.


No plastic exploration was a big part of changing Cambodia this year for me too, it plays a big and important of Changing. Plastic is everywhere nowadays and in the exploration, we have survey people and asking them about their opinion about plastic and their answer are nearly all are the same because it is cheap, convenient those are the most common answer that we get. Plastic is useful to many people including me everyone using it, but the issue is that where does it go after we use it? Some people throw that plastic to the trash bin, but some are throwing it anywhere they found it is easy for them. The plastic is not something that melts in days, weeks, but it takes up to years and not just 1-2 years some plastic even taken to million years. A single day if you use 10 plastic bags and in a year you will use 3650 bags and if everyone around the world use that much of plastic each then how long does those plastic take time to biodegrade?  If people all throwing them everywhere they can throw it doesn’t mean that that plastic will stay there forever and rain, storm, wind, of course, will bring those to the ocean because the ocean is nearly all of the earth surface. If those are in the ocean then it will flood everywhere in the ocean and how many animals are there in the ocean there are tons of them and if those animals confused and it that plastic then the bigger problem is coming because that animal will die and those animals will become less and less even if they don’t eat that plastic it still contain commercial and it will destroy their habitat and our ocean. Those are the problem is they don’t throw it to the trash bin what about if they throw it to the trash bin does all of the problems above fade away?? Still, there are many consequences if we used plastic, even you throw it to trashbin there are still things that might happen to our planet. The solution is started from you and each of us if you want your planet to be safe try to less down the amount of plastic that you used and you something else that can replace that plastic. If you always use a plastic water bottle then started to use the metal water bottle, the same as straw. Talking about straw we think it is just a small part of plastic, but straw is one of the most use plastic in the world because of the ideas of people we all should think of the small parts it might become a big problem later on. There is also another solution that people can do which is recycled that plastic into something else that we can use and if we all do like that the amount of plastic use will reduce by a lot. If you want to save our planet then reduce the amount of plastic you use and use some other things that can replace plastic.

Plastic is not what should pop in people mind when they ask about their country or our planet just like for me, when people ask me about Cambodia or my Khmer favorite word,the word Khmer itself just pop up in my head just like it always there and it makes me never forget that I am who I am and where I am from. Khmer might sound short and simple, but to me, to everyone whom we called ourselves Khmer had a different view of it. Khmer the word itself determine the confidence, the power, the peace, and happiness. Khmer is sweet but powerful. We are the people of this kingdom of wonder, Cambodia and the people that determined to dream big and also to create a big change and impact.

Our flag is up in the sky and our literature is still is something that identifies us. The Alphabets to the vowels and many more that have more meaning than what people think, those things make up us Khmer. Those small pieces in this country make us who we are. Kroma, Angkor, Prohok, make people know us those small things make up the bigger picture of us just like changes small change can make a bigger change. This year I have changed myself and myself have changed the perspective of people in my country and of course, those small steps I have taken this year will help me achieve the bigger steps.

Outdoor rea


Outdoor leadership

Nature is a broad topic to learn and talk about, but nature is what everyone should know and understand about too. Living in Cambodia lived as Cambodian(Khmer) we all know that Cambodia is a country full of nature, so do you think everyone knows about and understands about nature? I am myself as Cambodian and I still have a lot to learn. Learning doesn’t have the expiry date which means ages doesn’t matter. The early it is the more information you will learn. Learning about nature doesn’t always mean you have to be in the forest. The word “nature” is defining different meaning by different people. Nature to mean things that are not man-made and are the living things that are known as natural to many people but for me not only those but also for many other things such as weather and mostly something that humans can’t control or change.

Climbing up hills or mountains, not taking a bath for days, trekking in the woods and staying, walking together as a group to explore nature is what I have done. It might sound weird even myself feel like it is impossible for me to do those activities above, but I did and by that, I and my friends have to go through many new experiences. Some people consider bad times as bad luck, but to us, bad and good time are all considered as experiences. Staying together as a group was not that hard since we have stayed with each other for years, but that doesn’t it is easy either. Facing many problems don’t make us stop from what we are trying, in the wood, there are many animals that we are scared of, afraid of, however, those animals are nature, the feeling we have toward them is natural and because those animals are nature we have to step out of our comfort zone and learn more about it and the environment surrounded. The weather can’t be control what we should do is to be prepared for times when the weather doesn’t go well and it causes many problems for us like our tents and clothes are wet, but thanks to those moments we’re able to have that experience and learn from those moments. That times I can see myself being a self leader and a problem solver also as a group we have used communication skill too.

Doing something you have never done was one of those uncomfortable things for us, especially when you have to get through something you’re afraid and scared of the most in life. I just want to point out “Dalen E” She is my close and best friend all along the time I know her I know about her biggest fear and that is the animals that are boneless like worm, leeches and more. She never stays any closer to them by 5 to 6 feet meters, but on this trip, we have to get through a lot of leeches and worm. I know it is hard for her and this would give her a really hard time, there are time that she cries and also time that she doesn’t want to stay there any longer, however, I really appreciate her that she can step out of her fear even with tears, but that shows the confidence she has. This is an exploration that I think has taught me a lot to look at myself and other good work and try my best like them too.

My goals for these trips were countless because I want to explore everything I could,but after everything I’ve faced and seen I know my specific goals now the only goal I had all along, but I just didn’t know, however now I understand that I don’t want to just learn about nature, but I want to learn to love nature . The forest, waterfall, was not on my mind if people ask me about the place that gives me peace, but instead, I would think in a room with my device, but things changed me over time after this exploration and now I have learned to love the peace that nature gives to us. I learned to love the waterfall, to love what we have and we all should protect them. 

Overall this exploration taught me many things, I have learned about nature, my interest, about other people and importantly I have learned a lot about myself. I think I know myself best, but now I think I have a lot more to learn about myself and who I really am. I know that nothing is enough almost everyone needs improvement. I know I have many things to improve on, but as I know that improvement doesn’t always come by itself and it is not easy, but I have to step out of my comfort zone so that I can improve on what I need to and one of the goals that I have to improve is on my leadership styles and one of those which is designated-leader . I am a person who doesn’t like to control or being told to do something so when we are in a team I never wanted to be a leader who tells other people what to do because I really don’t like it so I feel like if I do it what will other people feel like? However, now I am trying to be one because in a team there always should be one so that the teamwork is stronger and the work gets done better. , but now I started to understand that as a leader, you don’t always tell others what to do,but you are the person who respects other people’s opinions and tries to ask all teammates about their ideas and you are the one who voices your ideas the most and now I wanted to try to become one because it might something news that I like.

Photos & Captions

                                     “I can’t believe I climb those mountains, but I did !!

                                       “Be like the sun, it set, but it will rise again


This term is one of the most inspirational lessons I ever learned from literacy. We learned about happiness. What bring you happiness? Do think money can buy happiness?  
From this lesson, I think we are not only using it just for class, but we will need to use it forever in our lifetime because it is what we ‘re all life need it is HAPPINESS. This is the poem that I have created to make myself knows about what life means to me” Life is like a song, it can be hurtful or happy depending on the lyrics that we wrote, it is not always easy there is high note that we have to get through. Sometimes we get used to the lyrics, but if we change it a little bit it can mean other things so write it sing it and make it as your own”. By waiting for this poem I want to remind myself that there are things that we need to be changed and nothing will stay the same forever even myself. Everyone have to get old and die someday it just that we can’t predict and knows when so we all should enjoy our lifetimes make most of our times to be a happy memories and also make your life as your own life, not other people, make it as what you want it to be because it is who you are. The words Happiness means the state of being happy, but do you know how could you find happiness? Most people don’t know how could they find their happiness, and I want to tell that not only them but so everyone else. Do you think every moment of your life is happy yet? Then if you haven’t known yet then this what I have learned and this is where  I can share to you.

Like I asked before do you think money can buy happiness? Every answer is not right or wrong there are reasons behind those and there are different opinion and different person. Most of the times when I ask people about it the answer would be “money can’t buy happiness,but it is a part of it” well I can’t tell you what is right or wrong it is you the one who has to think and pick the answer yourself and there is no one could answer it beside you and also just believe in yourself there is no one better. When we learned about can money buy happiness we had read this article called”You can Buy Happiness if it’s an Experience and it is also one of my most favorite article I ever read because it makes me think even deeper than I was ever before? After reading the article here is what the I think the article is referred: ”I think that this article is telling people that you can use your money the ways you want to, but there is the difference between used your money to try something and buy something news. From the article, its main idea is that trying new things and having new experiments make you happier than buying new things. They are both using money but in the different ways of spending it”.  We have read many articles about happiness and the other one is called Truth”. Truth is a poem and it trying to tell the reader that the thing that going to happen can be good and bad, but be positive and go with your chose for the day.  The last article that I am going to talk about is called”From Blossoms” It is also like a poem, but with deep meaning where you can’t just it read it once and understand because it takes me more than twice just to understand a line.  From Blossom is talking about there is no one knows what will happen in the future, but we all can make every moment turn to happy. Do something that leads yourself to happiness because you’ll never when will you die, but make yourself happy every moment of your life because that is what life is like.

The moment you started to know that every moment of life is special and that is the moment where happiness can define. You don’t have to go and look out for happiness because happiness is not a thing that you have to find it is with you all the times you just have to know how to be happy. A quote from Tom Wilson once states” A smile is a happiness you’ll find right under your nose” this is one of the happiness that is closest to you. Find yourself happiness because life is special and meaningful because of it and also remember there is nothing as special and important as love, especially the love that you gives to yourself. Be who you are and find your own happiness. 


  (credit: Quote )


(Credit: classic happy smiley face, purple)



In this term, we learned many things such as function, list, and recently we learned about dictionaries in programming. In the dictionary code, we have two important things which are keys and values.


 “brand”: “Ford”,

 “model”: “Mustang”,

 “year”: 1964

Keys: “brand”, “model”, “year”

Values: “Ford”, “Mustang”, 1964

And here is an assignment in this term:

Technology/Multimedia Assignment – Round 4/Week 6

Due Monday April 1st, 2019 @ 8pm

Your name: Rachana

Code Club project name: Colorful Creation



  • Why did you choose the project? What interested you? What skill or topics did you want to work on?


I chose to work on the project is because I really like the title it said creation and I feel like I am going to create something by my own and I know it going to be something new. I think I will learn a lot from this project. I want to work on it because I want to create something from coding, it just makes me feel like I understand and can do it.

  1. Describe one coding challenge you had during this project. Please copy the code here to explain the problem.

I am stuck on the code where they challenge want us to do something and I got no idea where to start the code.


  1. What strategies did you try to solve the problem?

I didn’t think of it straight away,but I keep thinking of it when I am alone or when I concentrate enough,one funny thing about it is that I actually understand it when I was in the bathroom because I was washing my hands and I keep thinking of it and the idea just came up to my mind.

  1. Did your strategies work? Why or why not?

It is working, but I also need to change something a little bit, but that where it started because it is from draft to the real one.

  1. Did you do any extra work or challenge to go beyond what was required from the project?


  1. Write down one thing you learned from working on this project. This can be about Python, programming, computers, yourself, etc.

I have learned about myself that I got the code and programming faster when it is my favorite things and it is like some code that reacted about what I like. An example of it is the colorful creation because I can write anything I want and like. It just like I like something that is my choice.

And here is the link to my challenge that I did:         

Also here are some challenges that we learned in class and you can challenge yourself to do it too! Projects to choose from:

Turtle Race!:

Secret Messages:

Colorful Creations:


Where is the Space Station?:

*if you want the other project, select another from this list or choose your own at





In STEM this term we have new things, a lot of things good and exciting learning time in STEM. We got a new schedule for stem which is Monday is reading and Tuesday is the experiment and of course, Tuesday is my favorite. The lessons we have learned are Acid and Base, Movement and we got to do experiments too. Acid and base are my favorite one overall because it is new to me and also I feel like I really got it. Sometimes I feel like I am not learning, but instead, I am taking it in step by step by just observing. I feel so natural like I don’t have to push myself so hard, but I get it more than I usually does. One more thing that I noticed myself in STEM class is that we just changed group and times so I feel like after the changing things happen I feel like I got to understand STEM better and also I feel like I like STEM now. Acid and base is the started of me where I started to like STEM even though to some people like me before I think that STEM is a really long process and there are so many things and vocabulary to learn,but when you got to understand it and when you learned it in different ways you will feel like you are not learning by just sitting class and read or listen to your teacher, but it about the discussing in team and using it in everyday life. One tip that I always did to remember about STEM things is that I keep it in real life. I try to look at the real-life example and also trying to making jokes or sentences or speaking with my friends about it so that it will always be in my head and I won’t forget it after we learned. For acid and base experiment this is what we did and what had happened:

Acid and Base test

Students will put into three groups for this experiment.



Red carbage solution as an indicator

  1. Lemon juice 2. Vinegar 3. Sprite  4. Water
  2. Toothpaste and water solution 6. Baking soda and water solution  7. Bleach.

Step 1

Add 20 ml of each solution to an each cup

This is what they turned to be

Pour indicator solution to each solution cup

Vinegar =pink

Baking soda and water solution=green

water=light purple


Lemon juice=pink 


Toothpaste and water solution=purple ( Take note of the color change in every cups )

For more information about the experiment here is my lab report

First, we grab each of the material and poured those things above step by step then we mixed it with the indicator cup by cup.

For lemon juice, Vinegar, Sprite it turns in to pink because those are acidic. For water and toothpaste, they turned into purple or light purple because they are the neutral which is 7, not an acid or a base. For bleach and baking soda are a base because for the baking soda it turned into green while bleach doesn’t even change color at all. When we take Lemon juice cup ( already mixed with indicator) and Pour it in the bleach cup the reaction still the same which it turned to the bleach colors like we didn’t add anything. Then we take baking soda and water solution and pour it in the vinegar and It was a really high reaction because the bubble was coming up nearly to the top of the cup, and it turns in to purple which it turned into neutral. The last thing we did was we take Sprite and pour slowly into the toothpaste solution and it becomes pink which is the acid.


This is the first time I even have done anything like this. I always wanted to do it because I like to see what going to change. This is actually fun, but before the fun coming I was a mess. In our team, we messed it up about 3-4 times because we didn’t read the instruction properly, but that the lesson I learned at the same time with the Acid and base. I was really stressful actually when we messed up things got more and more complicated to me while when we have done it we feel it is an easy experiment we just have to do it exactly as step by step from the instruction. This is the one that we get right for the first time and also Alli (our teacher)is with us all the time for this one. I really feel sorry to her because we messed up a lot and if I was her I will be really annoying because we have done the same mistakes over and over, but that called experiment if we didn’t get it wrong we won’t remember it in the future. For me after these mistakes, I won’t forget about this lesson and also the experiences I have for today.

Here are some of the acid scale and reactions:


(credits: Shutterstock )


This Math round is so interesting and a little bit different from the other round because we got to learn two different things in one round. The lessons that we learned about the most are Angles and percentages. The percentage is my most favorite lesson in this term. The percentage is really important to me. Even though it might be not so new to me, but I feel like I know about it more than I used to be. The percentage is nearly in everything, your phone battery, your school gender counting, for short it is to describe the number of the date. The percentage may sound so professional, but it is really is simple. It is easy than you think and also to understand it better we like to play games with it. One of those is  and Most of the times we learned how to convert percentages to something else or something else to percentages.


In our class, we also create some of the quizzes on that website. You can check it out if you want to learn something new. About angles, we just started to learn about it just about two to three weeks. Angles is also not so new to us, but it is getting clearer when we learned about it again this time. There are three important things I got to learned and I really remember those are supplementary angles, complementary angles, and the 360 angles, also the vertical angles.

complementary angles

vertical angles

360 angles

supplementary angles


Humans of Cambodia

My exploration is called ”HOC” which stands for Humans of Cambodia and we got inspire by Humans of New York. In this exploration, we learned about the human’s life story. Why do we want to know about other people life story?  Well, we can not judge people by their covers there is no way you should judge people by just what they look like because you’ll never know what their story is. I am as a Cambodian I feel like there are many people out there that have many interesting stories and we’ll know and learned about them because sometimes it helps us to understand about them also the social and what the outside world really means. For these seven weeks explorations I have explored a lot of things and learned about many stories, but what I get and from this exploration back is I know more about myself and my country. Because of this exploration, I know that I am really passionate about interviewing and asking people for what they have experienced and ask for some advice. I feel really connected to other people even though I never experienced something like they did, but it makes me feel empathy and know how it feels. There are people out there who want others to know about their story because their appearance made some people judge them by the cover. Sit there Listen to their stories because it is a lesson which we called the life lesson. There is a quote say”Share“ Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.” This is my favorite quote ever because it is real in real life like me if people tell me their stories I’ll remember those stories forever. Thanks to this exploration a lot because I found my passion which is interviewing people, but it the friendship way in the way where it is like the normal conversation, not the one that we called as the professional interviewing. This way I felt like I and the other people are connecting to each other even I never know even this is might be the first time I met them or heard their stories, but it made me feel like I know who there are and what their stories are.

In this exploration, we went on trips a lot because we want to interview people for their story and here are some pictures from the trips:

We were interviewing a grandpa at the Russian market.

we went to helping hands which is an organization, but it is more like a school.

We were interviewing a grandma whose house got fire in Steung Meanchey


Liger students in HOC exploration and the Helping hands. And also in this exploration, all the information and people stories are going to the blog Called Humans Of Cambodia.

Here is a link to our Blog:

There are many people and stories out there, spend your time listening to their stories because it might be your inspiration to the other day!